NT leaders stick it to visiting royal (
“This here is Yolngu Land, we are sovereign people and we live by Yolngu law,” Mr Guyula told the Prince.

NT students denied rightful funding (
Millions of dollars intended for remote Indigenous students is not making it to schools, Independent Northern Territory MP Yingiya Mark Guyula said this week.

Controversial Burial and Cremations Bill withdrawn by NT Government (
Yingiya Mark Guyula said he was pleased at the withdrawal.

Yingiya Mark Guyula makes history, addressing NT Parliament in language (
Mr Guyula has advocated for nearly three years that ... Standing Orders be amended so members can speak freely in their first languages.

NT Indigenous MLA Yingiya Mark Guyula seeks to speak native language in Parliament (
Independent MLA Yingiya Mark Guyula wants to be able to speak his native language in Parliament.

Aboriginal child protection laws being 'broken' by NT Government: Member for Nhulunbuy (
Yingiya Mark Guyula says he has heard of at least eight children being removed from Yolngu communities.

NT Government hypocritical on youth crime, independent MLA says (
The move will not help decrease the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the legal system, said Indigenous MLA Yingiya Mark Guyula.

Indigenous families battling against becoming second Stolen Generation in Northern Territory (
"The Government took those children away because they thought they had to look after them safely. But within that family, there are always next of kin that could look after them more safely," Mr Guyula said.

All children in detention in the Northern Territory are Indigenous (
Yingiya: "In my electorate of Nhulunbuy, we want to see our elders in control of raypirri – or discipline – for our young people.

'Nothing has changed': Aboriginal politician furious as it's revealed ALL children in Northern Territory youth detention are Indigenous (
'The royal commission provided evidence that the ways that the Balanda [white] system treats Aboriginal children is inhumane, costly and does not work', Mr Guyula said.

The English-only NT parliament is undermining healthy democracy by excluding Aboriginal languages (
After Yingiya Guyula was elected as a member to the NT Legislative Assembly in 2016, he rose to give his inaugural speech and started speaking in his first language, Yolngu Matha.

Pilot, lecturer, kingmaker: how former airplane mechanic Yingiya Guyula threw a spanner into NT Parliament (
Independent politician Yingiya Mark Guyula says he's ready for whatever politics throws at him.

'Your failure, not ours': Aboriginal MP slams NT remote education in first Yolngu policy speech (
Yingiya Mark Guyula's speech was the first in parliament on policy in a language other than English.

Inquiry into remote Aboriginal policing called for by NT independent politician (
Independent NT politician Mark Guyula is calling for an inquiry into the relationship between police and community members.

Treaty candidate takes seat of Nhulunbuy (
“My argument is for treaty. Let us go. Let us go. Give us that space to go, think and develop a way that was there before.”

Independent candidate wants bilingual education, services and a treaty (
“We want the government to sit down with us and work with us so we can negotiate how to run this nation so that we live in equality, with no one above the other because in our systems of law work side by side.”

It is still the Balanda way (
“...Yolŋu law is not properly acknowledged.”

We Need To Talk Much Less About Andrew Bolt And Much More About Treaty (
“We want treaty. We want a partnership. We want a dialogue in decision-making. We want diplomatic talks with the government – the Yolngu government and the Balanda [non-Indigenous] government.”

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Aboriginal call for police to follow lore of the land (
“Slowly, we want to give the power of policing back to ­Aboriginal communities.”

Indigenous culture not to blame for alcohol abuse, violence (
This story is written by Yingiya.

Mark Yingiya Guyula claims Yolngu kids “stolen away” from families by NT Government (
“I demand the NT Government stops the practice of removing Yolngu children from their family and their country and their culture.”

Guyula names kids he says are part of second stolen generation (
Independent Member for Nhulunbuy Yingiya Mark Guyula has named nine children who he claims have been taken without cause from their families by the Northern Territory Government.

From the Big Apple to a tough battle (
My people are crying out for justice and we are not being heard.